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    • Indiana Hunter Education Course
      Completion of Indiana Hunter Education program is mandatory in order to purchase a valid Indiana hunting license for anyone born after Dec. 31, 1986. Click here for details of Hunter Education offered by Ivy Tech.

      SchoolMessenger Notification Service
      The Elwood Community School Corporation uses the SchoolMessenger service to send telephone, text, or email alerts of school closings, delays, and other messages to parents and staff. Original contact information is taken from the STI student database and can be adjusted by parents and staff to allow the alerts to be sent to different phone numbers or email addresses. Parents and guardians of Elwood students can create an account with SchoolMessenger’s Contact Manager. The Contact Manager account will allow parents/guardians of ECSC students to enter their telephone numbers to be called, to receive a text, and/or email addresses to receive school related alerts.

      The following items are needed to create your SchoolMessenger account:
      • An email address to receive an “Activation Code”
      • Telephone to call in the “Activation Code”
      • School supplied “ID” numbers for each child. ID found on student’s Report Card, in STI Home Access, or by contacting school office
      Instructions and Links to SchoolMessenger Setup

      To access existing SchoolMessenger account:
      • SchoolMessenger Contact Manager
    • Technology Parent Meetings

      Come join us for an informational meeting about the 1:1 initiative.  This is a chance to learn about what is happening, get some of your questions answered, and questions we do not have answers for we will write down and post the question with an answer to an FAQ page coming soon to the district website.  You do not have to attend all the meetings.

      Meetings will take place in Merritt Auditorium, please enter through the Arch.

      K-6th Grade Parents
      August 9   10-11a.m.  or  6-7p.m.
      August 17 10-11a.m.  or  6-7p.m.

      7-12th Grade Parents  
      August 8   10-11a.m.  or  6-7p.m.
      August 16 10-11a.m.  or  6-7p.m.

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      • Central Office

        Elwood CSC
        1306 North Anderson St.
        Elwood, IN 46036

        Joe Brown, Interim Superintendent
        Tel: 765-552-9861
        Fax: 765-552-8088
        Hours: 7:30AM-4:30PM

        High School

        Elwood Jr.-Sr. HS
        1137 N 19th St.
        Elwood, IN 46036

        Tami Davis, Prin.
        Tel: 765-552-9854
        Fax: 765-552-1044
      • Intermediate

        Elwood Intermediate
        1207 N 19th St.
        Elwood, IN 46036

        Twyla Carlson, Prin.
        Tel: 765-552-7378
        Fax: 765-552-2017


        Elwood Elementary
        940 N 19th St.
        Elwood, IN 46036

        Bev Groover, Prin.
        Tel: 765-552-7381
        Fax: 765-552-2826

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