Technology at the Junior-Senior High School

Current Technology
  • The building is One to One with the Dell Chromebook 11.
  • The building also has five wired computer labs.  Two are available for High School teachers to access, one is shared with the Intermediate building, one is in an English class, and another is in a Social Studies class.
  • There are two carts of chromebooks used within the Math department. One cart is used with the Algebra 1 classes.  The other cart is shared among the department.
Digital Learning
  • Aleks is an online Math program which is being used in the Algebra 1 classes.
  • Acuity Instructional resources are being used as another means to provide differentiated instruction not only in reading but math as well.
  • Odysseyware is another resource being used to provide targeted differentiated instruction across multiple subject areas.

The building is using a variety of digital assessment tools to progress monitor students.  Teachers use the data from these assessments to make adjustments to instruction provided to students.
  • Acuity
  • Aleks
  • ECA
  • Scholastic Reading Counts
  • Microsoft Office Suite Certification

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      High School

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