Technology at Hinds Career Center

Current Technology
  • The building also has five wired computer labs. One lab is used as an assessment center and professional development when needed.  One lab is in one of the Nursing program classes.  Another lab is used in the Visual & Graphic Communication program.  The final two of the labs are open labs.
  • Most classrooms have about 1-2 student desktop computers.
  • Within many of the programs, various types of technologies are used that are specific to the particular program.
  • Online textbooks and manuals can be found in the following programs Automotive Service, Welding, & Criminal Justice.
Digital Learning
  • WIN is used as a preparation program to help get students ready for the WorKeys assessment.
  • AccuPlacer College placement Assessment
  • TASC High School Equivalency
  • WorKeys Assessment
  • ParaPro
  • Windows Office Certification

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