2016 Tech Plan submitted to IDOE

Technology Lead: Mike Sumpter
Title: Technology Director
eMail: msumpter@elwood.k12.in.us
District 1:1 Status: Planning to launch 1:1 next year
Students: 1500
Teachers: 95
Technicians: 2
Coaches: 1
Vision for Technology Integration: Challenging Elwood Community School Corporation students to communicate effectively in the learning process, while working collaboratively, creatively, and thinking critically in a global digital society. Students, parents, and educators will use information technologies to enhance and expand the traditional role of education in the Elwood community. Implementation of our 1:1 initiative during the next school year and faculty, staff and community stakeholders transition into a digital learning environment will be our primary focus.
Physical Textbooks: 90%
Purchased Digital Content: 10%
Digital Content Curated/Created by Teachers: 0%
Total Internet Access Capacity for the District: 100 Mbps
Current Wide Area Network: WAN: Fiber - All Sites
District Wi-Fi Access Deployed: All Schools
Wi-Fi Access Allowed for: School devices Teacher BYOD Guests
Future Plans for Network Improvement: Elwood Community School Corporation had made a significant investment into a solid infrastructure. In order to protect the district's investment, this summer will have us migrate from older Novell File/Print technology to Microsoft Active Directory, as well as look into upgrading wireless access points as needed. We will also be evaluating district internet access efficiencies, as well as expanding those services to accommodate digital learning resources.
Main LMS: itsLearning
Collaboration & Productivity Platforms: Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
Blogger: Teachers Only
Facebook: Teachers Only
Google+: Teachers Only
Skype: Teachers Only
Twitter: Teachers Only
Technology Training: Vendor supplied trainings Instructional technology coach(es) Technology focused faculty meetings Peer technology sharing Teachers encouraged to attend Summer of eLearning Summer of eLearning eLead 2016 Conference Collaborative Partner School District
Professional Development Focus: Elwood Community School Corporation is committed to transitioning into a digital learning environment which is engaging for student achievement. In working with teachers, district technology committee, and administrators, a learning management system will be utilized for our upcoming 1:1 initiative. Teachers and staff will be provided opportunities to develop their respective classroom programming within the learning management system. Elwood is also a partnering school in the 2016 eLead Conference.
1:1 Grade Levels: No 1:1
Grades K-2: Not 1:1
Grades 3-5: Not 1:1
Grades 6-8: Not 1:1
Grades 9-12: Not 1:1
Are Devices Filtered Away from School? N/A
1:1 Funding Streams: Capital Projects Fund Common School Loans eLearning Grant E-Rate Reimbursement Textbook Rental Title 1, Part A
Future Plans for Replacing Current Devices: In working with our district technology committee, administrative stakeholders, and technology department members, we will be able to develop a replacement plan that will not only ensure fiscal responsibility but also flexibility with incorporating newer technologies.
Future Plans to Add New Devices: Elwood Community School Corporation plans to add Apple iPad’s for grades K-6 and Dell Chromebooks for grades 7-12. In adding these devices, our 1:1 program will launch during this upcoming school year.
Process for Selecting New Technology: Elwood Community School Corporation will utilize existing district technology committee members, teachers, students and administrative stakeholders to help develop strategies for what is best both fiscally and technologically to achieve student success. In working with various technology vendors and school districts, we can take advantage of evaluating devices and software in order to discover what is best practice for successful classroom programming.

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