Academic Information

  • 100 to 98 A+
  • 97 to 93 A
  • 92 to 90 A-
  • 89 to 88 B+
  • 87 to 83 B
  • 82 to 80 B-
  • 79 to 78 C+
  • 77 to 73 C
  • 72 to 70 C-
  • 69 to 68 D+
  • 67 to 63 D
  • 62 to 60 D-
  • 59 and below F
Report cards are issued at the end of each six-weeks period.  Honor Roll:
  • Superior Honor Roll - A student must earn all A’s (minimum of 7 credits)
  • Honor Roll - A student must earn at least 5 A’s and no grade lower than a B.
  • Honorable Mention - A student must earn no grade lower than a B in any subject


Student progresses from one class to another according to the number of credits earned. The clas­sification is as follows:
  • Ninth grade 0 - 10.5 credits
  • Tenth grade 11-22 credits
  • Eleventh grade 22.5-36 credits
  • Twelfth grade 36.5 or more credits
The student’s parents will receive a letter if total credits are at or below the probation number indicated. A total of 45 credits, including all required classes, are required for graduation in the 2018-2019 school year. In the 2019-2020 school year this will be reduced to 44. Students with an IEP require 40 credits.

Dual credit/ACP and AP classes offered
Dual Credit through Ivy Tech - Pre-Calculus & Biology (student must qualify based on PSAT or acccuplacer score)

Dual Credit through IUK - Calculus & US History (student must qualify based on GPA)

AP - Chemistry, Government, Psychology, World History, English Literature, English Language, Statistics

The following plan for determining a single valedictorian and a single salutatorian will be effective with the class of 2006.
  1. The single valedictorian is the senior who ranks first in scholarship (GPA) at the end of eight semesters.
  2. The single salutatorian is the senior who ranks second in scholarship (GPA) at the end of eight semesters.
  3. Additional qualifications for the valedictorian and salutatorian:
    1. Each of the students shall have been enrolled at Elwood Community High School for four complete consecutive semesters.
    2. Each shall be enrolled at Elwood Community High school for the entire senior year.
  4. If there is a tie for valedictorian (to the thousandth) the single valedictorian will be determined as follows:
    1. Most weighted courses completed by the end of eight semesters.
    2. If a tie remains, then the total number of credits earned by the end of eight semesters will be the deciding factor.
    3. If a and b do not identify a single valedictorian, then the principal will announce co-valedictorians.
  5. If there is a tie for valedictorian, the single salutatorian will be the student who ranks second meeting the above criteria.
  6. If there is a tie for salutatorian but not for valedictorian, the above criteria will be employed to select a single salutatorian.
A student is certified for graduation only if he/she has completed all state and local requirements, which include a minimum number of credits, passage of all required classes, and passage of the ISTEP examination. If a student has not completed course work when his/her class graduates, a diploma will be presented as soon as all requirements are satisfied, and he/she may participate in the next graduation ceremony.

There shall be only one (1) diploma awarded by this Corporation and no distinctions shall be made between various programs of instruction. Exceptions shall be made for students who meet the State requirements for an Honors diploma. All students who have completed and are ready to exit their programs may participate in graduation activities and shall be awarded, as appropriate:
  1. a diploma
  2. a certificate of achievement
  3. a certificate of course completion
The Board shall award a certificate of achievement to a student who is on a non-diploma track as determined by that student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).
The Board shall award a certificate of course completion to a student who completes the minimum courses required for high school graduation and has attended all required Graduation Qualifying Exams remediation courses, but does not meet the Graduation Qualifying Examination requirements nor is eligible to utilize the appeals process as outlined in the statute.

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